Student Menù


Water free

Oransoda/Lemonsoda 0,33 €3,5

Tuscany wine of the Osteria red/white Glass €3,5 – bottle 0,75L €10 


Classic Tuscany cold cuts: Prosciutto, salame and finocchiona

First dishes

Tortellini bolognese sauce or rosè (bolognese sauce + milk cream)

Tagliatelle with lumberjack sauce (tomato, bacon, and mushrooms)

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach with butter and sage sauce

Tagliolino garlic EVO oil and red pepper


Second dishes

Fried Chicken cutlet

Beef Burger

Pulled beef salade summer version

Crepes stuffed with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

srcumble eggs


Cannellini white beans with good tuscany Olive Oil

Fried potatoes

Tomato salade



Chocolate Cake (brownie)

Cold milk cream cake in the glass

Prato’s biscuits